client Testimonials

With 45 Years of skiing, going with BAYWATCH (Evan Ross) and IRWIN GUIDES [was the] best time. You gotta go - Untracked snow, laughing, the views....Spectacular. 
-Ray Kuntz 
(Guide: Evan Ross) 

Dan exceeded even my best expectations. If the rest of your guides are even half as good I would gladly climb or ski with them any day...anywhere. I really look forward to future guided outdoor adventures...both stand-alone as well as prep/training for bigger-and-better things. It's days like yesterday that keep me going and make the headaches of everyday life well worth putting up with. My most sincere thanks to Dan, Tiff, Kelly & Irwin Guides for a truly unforgettable experience.
- Rob Brown 
(Guide: Dan Escalante)

We had the BEST time! Not only is Amy nice, but her expertise on the river and safety instructions were excellent. My daughter (ICU nurse) and I (old ER nurse) really appreciated Amy's "readiness" for possible problems. We are already planning next season's adventure.
- Sally Kuisle (Guide: Amy Stevens)

Thank you for making our backcountry skiing/splitboarding day so amazing. It was by far the most memorable day during our stay in Crested Butte. Your team was an absolute pleasure to work with and we were so impressed with how you went out of your way to make sure we had everything we needed. Evan was very attentive and did a great job at picking terrain appropriate to our experience level. He also was extremely helpful in assisting me with transitioning my splitboard prior to each descent and in helping me get whenever I fell or got stuck. 
- Christina Derlath 
(Guide: Evan Ross)

I would highly recommend the Irwin team to anyone who wants to experience the Rockies that only exists in your dreams. It’s real…. but you can’t get there alone!!!!! We’ll be back. 
-Doug and Adele Revere 
(Guide: Laura Chase)

I took the Level 1 Avalanche Course this past weekend and didn’t get to thank Scott and Ross. They both did such a great job. I’m sure it’s hard to be enthusiastic about teaching this stuff over and over again, but that certainly was not the case, and their interest and demeanor was much appreciated. 
-Nikki LaRochelle 
(Guides: Ross Matlock & Scott Krankkala)

Thanks for the trip. With my girlfriend and I having varying degrees of experience, you were great in leading a mind blowing, back country, mountain ski experience. The Hut in Gothic was very comfortable. The food was perfect for the occasion. Even with the snow conditions being as they were, the skiing was still great because you used your knowledge of the local snow to seek out the good ‘stuff.’ We were both impressed with your knowledge of avalanches, your professional background; (the years you spent in ski patrol, and the guiding) and the ability to bring it all together in a good time. Looking forward to booking additional trips with you in the near future. 
-Rob Yager 
(Guide: Jayson Simons-Jones)

Our experience with Irwin was incredible. You arranged a great trip for us, you were always quick to respond to questions or concerns. Will was an incredible guide. Throughout the entire trip he made us feel comfortable and safe, while also pushing us to do things that we would have never thought we could do. He was always positive and encouraging, and truly made me feel safe despite being way outside my comfort zone. Our meals were incredible; who knew that you could have salmon, pesto pasta with sun dried tomatoes, and kale salad on a camping trip?! I had no idea how amazing and life-changing our experience would be. While sitting around the campfire watching shooting stars I remember saying “This is the best thing we’ve ever done.” Thanks to Irwin for facilitating this amazing trip, and thanks to Will for making our trip unforgettable. 
- Cate Spinney 
(Guide: Will Nunez)

I wanted to thank Crested Butte Mountain Guides and Steve Banks for an incredible day climbing Sherman Falls. Steve’s climbing ability, professional demeanor and friendly attitude were fantastic. He impressed me with his emphasis on safety as well as his clear enjoyment of a day on the ice. After setting the ice screws and top rope for the first pitch and verifying my gear was set he began my climb by looking at me with a smile and saying “Hey, don’t forget – you’re on vacation – enjoy yourself while you're learning something”. Although I would have been satisfied to repeatedly climb the first 90 foot section, Steve inspired me to complete the next two longer sections on a top belay, during which my knowledge, technique and comfort factor with climbing ice improved dramatically. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of Steve’s character was his obvious enjoyment of the view of the valley as we rested on the small shelves at the completion of each pitch of the climb. -John Frank (Guide: Steve Banks)

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