Ruby Traverse

The Ruby Range is a large part of Crested Butte's heritage. Precious metals hidden deep inside these rocky peaks brought the mining boom that put Crested Butte on the map. Today they offer summer and winter back-country enthusiasts a beautiful playground. 
The traverse starts at Paradise Divide and ends close to Lake Irwin. While traversing you will have many opportunities to see mining reminisce, high alpine lakes, beautiful basins and great vistas. The nature of the terrain that we will access during this trip requires that participants be in above average cardiovascular fitness for hiking. Most of your day will be spent above 11,000'.
This trip can be customized to each groups goals. You do not have to complete all 10 peaks listed below. 

Purple Mountain - 12,958' 
Augusta Mountain - 12, 859' 
Mineral Point - 12,506' 
Richmond Peak - 12,801' 
Hanocock Peak - 12,608' 
Oh-Be-Joyful Peak - 12,365' 
Afley Peak - 12,608' 
Purple Peak - 12,840' 
Mount Owen - 13,058' 
Ruby Peak - 12,614'

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