Ice Skills Clinics

The ice routes created by a series of pipes that run from the city water tanks to the park create a 
perfect setting for rugged ice climbing, but a visit to the town itself is an experience to be had. 
The locals are extremely hardy folk with a wealth of backcountry and outdoor experience. 
Clinics are available to be taken, where you can learn new skills and even learn how to ice climb! 
The clinics include: Intro to Ice Climbing, Two Day Skills Clinic, Women's Intro to Ice Climbing, 
and Learn to Lead Ice. Read more about the clinics below.

Learn the basics of ice climbing as this clinic will orient you with the gear, techniques, and 
beginning to ice climb!

Ice climbing is for everyone, and this clinic caters to women! The clinic will get you out and 
experience everything ice climbing has to offer. 

When learning to lead ice, ice climbers require great technique. Improve and master your skills in 
this learn to lead ice clinic and accomplish your ice climbing goals. 

Two Day Skills Clinics

Our 2-day skills intensive ice climbing clinics take place in either Ouray, CO or Lake City, CO. 
Ouray is home to one of the world’s best known ice parks and the largest annual ice festival in the nation (The Ouray Ice Festival), Ouray has become an ice climbing destination for ice enthusiasts across the globe.
Lake City offers a smaller yet significantly less crowded ice park and is closer to the town of Crested Butte. 
Over the course of 2 days participants will be presented with the fundamentals of ice climbing including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Rope Work
  • How and where to belay
  • Basics of ice climbing movement (swinging, kicking, how to "read" ice, etc.)
  • Setting up anchors for top-rope
  • Ice protection (how to place and remove ice screws)
  • Multi - Pitch progressions
  • Introduction to leading ice & building anchors
  • Introduction to mixed climbing
  • Tips on descending routes

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