Nothing builds confidence like developing your rescue skills! You can take this American Canoe Association (ACA) curriculum many places, Irwin Guides Swiftwater Rescue Course is designed to meet the needs of river paddlers and paddling instructors. We’ll help you learn to read rivers carefully in order to identify hazards, develop rescue and prevention strategies and build a tool kit of skills to help you and your paddle partners manage risky situations. While using ropes, rescue vests and other tools of the trade, students and instructors take turns swimming through rough rapids and practicing techniques in a controlled environment, which will help develop a rescue mindset and the hard skills needed for rescue. This may be the most valuable paddling class you’ll ever take! Completion of the 2-day course entitles students to an ACA participation certificate, accepted by most river outfitters, kayak schools and outdoor programs. 

ACA Level 1- 4 Whitewater Kayak Instructors Course 
2021 Dates
This five day intensive course is for those looking to become a certified whitewater kayak instructor. The American Canoe Association is the governing body for kayak instruction in the USA. This 40+ hour course is focused on the latest technical knowledge, terminology, teaching skills, personal paddling skills, and safety awareness in a swift-water environment. This course helps you work on personal and interpersonal development and pushes you to build skills and knowledge through peer feedback, video analysis, and lectures. We combine practical on water demonstrations and presentations with real world scenarios that will equip you to deal with teaching this multifaceted sport as a professional. This course sets the industry standard for instruction in paddle sports. The ACA instructor certification process is broken up into two core components: the Instructor Development Workshop (IDW), and Instructor Certification Exam (ICE). The IDW presents students with the skills and knowledge that are required to become an instructor. The ICE is an opportunity for each candidate to demonstrate his/her proficiency in the presentation (logical progression) and demonstration (proper modeling) of the skills, knowledge necessary for certification. 

This course will cover the following ACA curriculum content: 
• Level 1 - Introduction to Kayak 
• Level 2 - Basic River Kayak 
• Level 3 - Essentials to River Kayaking 
• Level 4 - Whitewater Kayak 

To Be Certified You Must... 
• Be at least 18 years of age 
• Be or become a member of the ACA 
• Become a member of the Safety, Education, and Instruction (SEI) Committee 
• Successfully complete the course (requires: attendance at every session and completed homework, quizzes, and tests)
Additional Information:
Cost: $515 per person
Registration: Irwin Guides Please call +1-970-349-5430 to register. 
Course Locations: Irwin Guides office/classroom, Gunnison, and Taylor Rivers, and other locations as dictated by water levels. Meetings will be held at various locations. 

For Certification each candidate must show competency in technical knowledge, paddling skills, teaching skills, safety awareness, and necessary interpersonal skills at the desired level of certification to achieve certification.
Must be a solid class III paddler with a solid roll and demonstrate proficient instruction for a Level 4 certification. 

ACA Level 1-4: Whitewater Kayaking Instructor Update:
*This course is for those who are already certified as an ACA Whitewater Kayak Instructor, but need to complete an update course to maintain and renew their certification.*
Includes 2 days on the river. 
Cost: $225 
Dates: Any two days of the full course 

Please call our office to get booked over the phone!

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