Snowcat Skiing

While cat skiing with Eleven at Irwin, we have a wide variety of terrain to meet everyone’s skill sets. Most of our runs begin on Scarp Ridge which offers panoramic views of the Elk Mountains with peaks towering over 13-14,000 feet. Although Irwin is only 10 miles from the town of Crested Butte, Colorado, it receives three times more snow than the town itself. At an average of 600 inches per year, Irwin is considered a powder mecca, often compared to Alta, Utah and the Canadian Rockies. We get consistent storms of low-density snow and therefore ski a lot of high quality, dry, cold smoke powder - making for some of the best skiing of your life. During the winter season be sure to check out our Snow Report for live forecasts and snow data.


For advanced skiers and thrill-seekers, we have extensive challenging terrain varying from open alpine bowls, steep narrow chutes and couloirs, and tight tree skiing. We also have many cliffs and rock bands that offer the chance to catch anywhere between 5-40 feet of air. Our terrain offers the unique opportunity for powder skiing on slopes of 30 and 40 degrees.

For more relaxed skiers we have low angle, wide open runs that are perfect to practice the art of powder skiing. On any given run we can split the group and find appropriate terrain to meet individual desires and abilities. 

A Day in the Life - sample itinerary

*Please note this is only a sample schedule. Daily schedule varies due to weather, snow conditions and skiing ability 

7:00 AM: Meet at our Crested Butte headquarters. 
7:45 AM: Depart headquarters in Tucker snowcat for 45 minute ride to Irwin ski terrain. 
8:30 AM: Arrive at on-mountain chalet (Movie Cabin). Meet guides for the day and safety briefing. 
9:00 AM: Ski 4-5 runs. 
12:00 PM: Gourmet lunch at the Movie Cabin. 
1:00 PM: Ski 4-5 runs..
4:00 PM: Apres ski at the Movie Cabin
4:45 PM: Depart for in-town headquarters in Eleven's Tucker snowcat. 
5:30 PM: Arrive back at in-town headquarters. 


Safety is always our first priority here at Irwin Guides. All of our guides are trained avalanche professionals and have extensive medical training. Before guests arrive, our guides study the area's snowpack and perform any necessary avalanche mitigation efforts. Guides also outfit all guests with avalanche transceivers and give an instructional safety briefing outlining potential hazards and safety procedures. Proper risk management requires everyone's participation so we strongly urge our guests to listen carefully to their guides. How to Book Cat Skiing with Eleven at Irwin

Stay with Eleven! Guests who stay at one of our Crested Butte lodges get priority booking and can reserve their seats today! To find out more call Eleven 970-237-5985 or click here
Pricing varies by product and length of stay. 

For more information on any of the following, call 970-349-5430 or click here!

Local or staying somewhere else? Cat seats are released to our “day” guests on a rolling basis 30 days prior to ski date. Preference will be given to those on our first-to-call first-to-ski short list.  

Interested in booking the whole cat? In certain situations, we may be able to accommodate guests who book all 10 seats prior to the 30-day mark. *requires 1 guest to handle payment. 

Flexible on your dates? Eleven Cat Skiing offers the Flex Pass. In exchange for your flexibility, the Flex Pass allows guests to purchase seats from a list of available dates at a steeply discounted rate. The seats purchased for your chosen date remain flexible and in the off chance they are needed to fulfill another guest’s order (i.e families skiing together and guests staying at our lodges), can be reassigned up to two weeks in advance of your ski date. At the two-week mark, your seats are confirmed! All other cancellation policies apply to Flex Pass Seats
  • You can't book a flex pass within two weeks of your desired date.
  • Only certain dates apply for the Flex Pass, please ask the office which dates qualify 

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