Skills and Thrills


Improve your mountain biking skills with this 2-day, 16-hour intensive course on technical riding and backcountry bike maintenance. The curriculum for this course will vary from session to session depending on participant make up and individual goals – no two courses are ever the same! Instructed by Irwin's own professional mountain bike guides, this clinic may cover some of the following skills and topics: 

  • Proper bike fit 
  • Performance gear shifting and braking techniques 
  • Navigating technical uphill and downhill terrain including; maneuvering over rocky and rooted trails, successfully getting over trail obstacles like large rocks, logs, bridges, and trail gaps, and mastering steep descents and switchback turns 
  • Powering up difficult inclines (short sprints and endurance climbs) 
  • Correct body ergonomics for shoulders, elbows, hips, and knees 
  • Pedal positioning to help increase stability and speed on descents Introduction to bunny-hopping and hitting jumps 
  • Basic bike mechanic problem-solving in a backcounty setting

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