Group Ride BackCountry Hut

Multi-day hut tours provide the opportunity to explore the winter backcountry in an entirely different way.  Travel to a single hut and thoroughly explore the surrounding area for several days or travel hut to hut and discover amazing touring and skiing along the way. These tours are for people who want to soak in the full backcountry skiing/riding experience. Trips vary from 2-days/1-night to 6-days/5-night.

  • Inclusions: professional ski guide, hut fees, breakfast, lunch & dinner while at the hut 
  • Exclusions: snacks, personal gear, avalanche safety gear*, backcountry touring set-up* 
  • A detailed packing list will be provided upon your trip reservation 

  • Trailhead is located in Ashcroft at 9,498ft
  • 5+ mile skin to the hut from trailhead
  • First half of skin is on a relaxing groomed track
  • Lasts 2 miles travels up an old mining grade
  • The hut sits at 11,280ft, close to Taggert Hut
  • Exit from hut is an easy skate out.
  • Depending on ability levels we can do high alpine advance terrain, mellow high alpine terrain, big bowl roller style skiing and chutes are available. Just below the hut offers timberline skiing if avalanche conditions are presents.

Choose from the following huts:
  • Maroon Hut (Crested Butte area) 
  • Forest Queen Hut (Crested Butte area) 
  • Friends Hut (Star Pass) 
  • Opa's Hut (Taylor Pass) 
  • Tagart Hut (Aspen area) 
  • Barnard Hut (Aspen area) 
  • Green-Wilson (Aspen area) 
  • Markley Hut (Aspen area)
  • Lindley Hut (Aspen area)
  • Goodwin Green Hut (Aspen area)
  • Tomichi Hut (Monarch Pass area)


Travel from Crested Butte to Aspen (or visa versa) while skiing challenging terrain and staying in comfy huts along the way. This tour is a "must" for any serious backcountry skier. Inquire for more details on this one-of-a-kind hut to hut trip.

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